Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Weblog Awards request…

This bitch has a request for all y’all.

Get over to the Weblog Award site and vote.

No, this blog isn’t a finalist for a Weblog Award…in any category…AngryBlackBitch was bageled, I tell you!


Thank Gawd my ass isn’t sensitive about such things (wink)!

Anyhoo, a certain Grace the Spot is nominated for Best New Blog and a bitch would like y’all to vote for them...because they’ve got a great site that’s a welcome addition to the internets.

Oh, and be sure to vote for Shakesville for Best Liberal Blog and show some love to a blog this bitch contributes to!

Many thanks.



Hey Shark-fu!

I noticed that the blogs that are hosted by black bloggers are trailing in the polls over at The Weblog Awards!

The Field Negro - currently 6th out of 10
Best Individual Blogger

Pam's House Blend - currently 4th out of 10
Best GLBT Blog

TransGriot - currently 9th out of 10
Best GLBT Blog

Tariq Nelson - currently 9th out of 10
Best Religious Blog

Black Women, Blow The Trumpet! - currently 5th out of 10
Best Small Blog

NuVision For A NuDay - 9th out of 10
Best Diarist

Zuky - 6th out of 10
Best Hidden Gem

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Hey Shae! said...

1) I'm heading over there to cast my vote
2) Please stop by my blog I have a different award for you
3) Your store is off the chain. lmao

I happened upon your site about a month ago and have been lurking. I am enjoying your posts. :)

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