Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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A bitch has several readers currently serving in the United States military.


It’s true. Some are conservative and some are liberal...some are abroad and others are stationed here in America. Although this bitch is against the war my ass is not anti-soldier. A bitch comes from a multigenerational military family. My grandfather was a World War II vet and my father was in the Air Force. They have both passed away, but the legacy of their service, their experience as black men in service to a country that denied them civil rights despite that service and the legacy of discipline and dedication instilled in them through that service are a part of me forever.

A certain Air Force 1 sent this bitch some information about Fisher House, which is an organization that provides housing and services to military families while their family member is undergoing medical treatment. Many service men and woman return home injured and Fisher House allows their families to be near them while they are treated and recover.

A bitch is firmly against the Iraq war. Contrary to popular conservative belief, that does not mean that a bitch does not support the troops. Rather, a bitch believes that it is my duty to speak out against this war because of my support for the troops, my respect for their lives and the lives of everyone involved in this war and my personal conviction that they should not be in harms way in support of this effort.

It is that concern that had me taking a second look at Fisher House. A bitch did some research and found out that Gary Trudeau of Doonesbury fame incorporated Fisher House in his book The Long Road Home. This book explores the long struggle for recover of a wounded soldier. Trudeau is donating the proceeds to Fisher House and this bitch just wanted to bring this to your attention as a possible way to support Fisher House and the families served through this organization.

Take this information as you wish and thank you, as always, for reading!


RL friend's friend said...

Thank you for (re)stating that anti-war does not equal anti-troop, (or anti-America).
My father and grandfather both served as well. My father has often voiced the concern that while his generation was "the greatest," the current one might be lost . . .

air_force1 said...



Dixie said...

Thank you so much for letting us know about Fisher House and how we can help support it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, THANK YOU for stating again in public that to be against this war and all of its miscalculations is not to be anti-military. One does not have to be a knee-jerk pacifist to oppose this war. There are many of us out here who do not want to see the soldiers' valuable training, resources, and LIVES wasted in this foolish undertaking even if we are not categorically against every war, and even if we support the need for honorable service and a standing professional army. Support our troops by bringing them home!

The Fisher House material is also especially valuable at this time, because in this particular war, the numbers we hear in the news simply don't reflect the huge number of soldiers coming home with severe injuries; we hear only about the deaths. The death toll, while bad enough doesn't tell nearly the whole story; injured soldiers who would have died in the field in earlier wars, due to improved battlefield technology are instead returning home maimed. While it's great that these men and women are still among the living, their lives are changed forever, and they and their families do need the support of society upon return. The Fisher House is thus especially needed in this conflict. Thank you for posting something to remind people of its existence.