Monday, March 05, 2012

Swift recaps of Santorum’s anti-education “back down” and Limbaugh’s post advertiser bail out “apology”…

Shall we?

I woke this morning to news that a certain Rick Santorum is backing down from condemning President Obama for his administration’s support of programs to increase access to and enrollment in advanced education.

To best understand shit like this I like to think of politics as ice skating and pandering as a skill like jumping or spinning.

Santorum is participating in a classic political skating skill – a perfectly executed triple toe jump nod to the conservative religious home-school crowd followed by an awkward transition into a slow lackluster “oh, shit…that public pander appears to have turned off too many conservatives…allow me to explain that I misunderstood Obama and was responding to something else!” spin.

Mayhap Scott Hamilton could start calling politics in the morning?


Santorum’s clarification-based correction would be far more believable if he hadn’t doubled down on his belief that college is the devil’s playground during a recent appearance on Glenn Beck...just sayin’.

Moving on…

Rush Limbaugh grabbed headlines last week for his relentless multi-day tirade against Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, where he called her a slut and then made a detailed demand that she make then sex tapes online in exchange for health insurance coverage without co-pay of birth control…

…and then activists targeted advertisers on his show and those advertisers came to the conclusion that although advertising to an audience that makes the John Birch society look soft appeals to them having Limbaugh draw attention to the fact that they advertise to an audience that makes the John Birch society look soft does not appeal, thus they pulled their ads…and, when the money was pulled, Limbaugh apologized.

I, for one, was thrilled to see the voice of the conservative movement indulge in a public display of how they really feel followed by what they actually oppose.

And I'm more than a little pissed at not getting to see the herd of presidential wanna-bes attempt to pivot from Limbaugh's demand for sex tapes back to rants about religious objections.


Now that they've backed off and/or apologized and the political pundit class appears satisfied (rolls eyes), I'm left to hope that Scott Hamilton will join some network's best political team on air.


As if you aren't hoping the same damn thing...wink.


SimplyStated said...

The equally sad thing about the Santorum two step is that he credits his wife with changing his know the ...the wife that was shacked up with the abortion clinic doctor prior to marrying Little Ricky Of New Bethlehem.

He couldn't man up on his own. Or maybe he just confused like MITTENS was over the Blunt admendment. Or its the amnesia again...the conservatives are ripe with it remember?

It flows through their veins like bad Ripple...Romney can't remember what he supported and voted for in the past, Gringrich can't remember to pay his Tiffany's bill, Santorum can't rmember what he said or belonged to in his younger days and I dioubt Paul remembers anything at all...I think's he's just part of the OMDO(Old Men Dining Out)Club and shows up to say a few words every debate.

And not only did Santorum backtrack, he also looked stupid when he got called out on Fox about his non-existent charity giving. He went on to say he doesn't give as much to charity as Obama and Romney (who each give around 14%)because get this...he has a disabled daughter to care for.

Say what? WTF is with conservatives who have disabled children and only find time to wheel them out during election runs? And I guess that pre-natal testing might have come in handy...just saying...the man clears close to a billion a year and he can't support 7 home-schooled kids and a wife? Please...

And the WAY BIG WTF is I do believe he still gets medical coverage from when he was a senator and I bet you he gets care from the state. When they cry about entitlements you don't see any of the bastards ever talk about cutting off elected officials entitlements do you?

As for slime ball Limbaugh...some was laced with the "don't you know I was joking and anti-Obama sentiment" he usually spews so it meant nothing. His pathetic ass needs to go now and the Repubs who kept quiet need to be targeted during re-election.

Bill Everday said...

johnny weir, not scott hamilton. ;)
his tush is better.

anyway, better minds than mine are needed because the Limbaugh just does not process for me. what rock and on what planet does this come from?

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