Friday, July 16, 2010

A tip of the Afro to the Iroquois Nationals…

Hi all y’all!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been able to post for the past few days, but I’m out of town on bitness and every hour of my day has been filled.

Lawd, a bitch is tired!

Anyhoo, I shall return to my normal posting schedule next week.

In the mean time, this bitch wants to give a fluff of the Afro to the Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team!

They should be in England playing in the World Lacrosse Championships…

…but the Iroquois Nationals have been denied entrance into England because that nation does not want to recognize Iroquois passports.


So, the Iroquois Nationals forfeited their first game and are still waiting to hear whether England will acknowledge the legitimacy of their Iroquois issued passports.


A Native American lacrosse team is being denied entry into England to play in the World Championships of a sport invented by Native Americans because England refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of their Native American passports.

Oh, now…oh mercy, mercy me.

That’s fucking precious.

Go on with your respect demanding selves, Iroquois Nationals!


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! This is one of those historically important moments. I hope the have the fortitude to continue to stand. Seventh Generation Rising. Their stand could start a movement.

KEN said...

Actually I was under the impression that England doesn't want to admit them because it is unclear whether or not the US will let the team back into the US with their Iroquois passports.

So its US Homeland Security and State Depts problem not England's.

Shark-fu said...

That's an over simplification. England's reasons are ever changing as they take on heat - don't buy the spin on that. But yes, the US has failed to issue the guarantee that would call England out on this shit. Kind of like a revival of the same bullshit The Man - here & across the pond- has been pulling for years.

Kelley said...

That's funny. The Brits didn't seem to have a problem with them early on. Let's see...there was the 1721-22 Treaty of Albany; then the Brits were happy to recognize them as a sovereign nation when they allied themselves with the Haudenosaunee during the French and Indian War.

Stay classy, UK.

Margaret said...

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave them a one-time-only pass to travel on those passports.

Ball is in England's court.

Anonymous said...

This shit is clash of the colonizers - US or UK doing whatsit whosit. They just finding ways to deny rights to Indigenous folks, as usual. And to play Lacrosse of all damn things. Saw it on the news, laughed and cried at the same time.