Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The sound of silence…

A bitch was grooving to some Simon and Garfunkel on my way back from lunch today.


Y'all just don't know...this bitch is diverse (wink).

Anyway, all that contemplative folktastic music got me thinking…about the sound of silence…and why the fuck a bitch didn’t hear a peep about this shit until a loyal reader forwarded it to me.

See, a bitch wrote a series of posts awhile back about the multitude of issues manifest in the Duke Lacrosse team rape case.

And…well, a bitch’s comment box overflowethed with opinions.

A few dedicated to the cause knavish trolls have made it their calling in life to keep a bitch informed on all things related to the case.

We’re talking seriously dedicated knave-like trolls…a bitch wonders if mayhap they should…ummm, get a job or volunteer or something.

Last week a bitch was without power…but Yahoo and Blogger still worked. So this bitch can’t find an explanation for the lack of troll follow-through regarding the conviction of one the three accused in the Duke Lacrosse rape case of gay bashing in Washington D.C.!

And a bitch had to read the entire article to find out that one of the accused fellow team members had his homeboy’s back on the stand. Fuck it if his story…well, evolved and changed over time.


Having your homeboy contradict previous statements under oath to have your back during your gay bashing assault trial...that wouldn’t be happening if you had adhered to the disturbingly easy initial rules set up that by the kind of lawyer money can buy…priceless.

Getting probation for gay bashing and menacing patrons outside of a bar...that’s just a fucking shame.


Blood Ray said...

His parents must be so proud.

Orange said...

What?!? He's not just a lacrosse playa, he's a hater. I'm not sure which is lower, the seek-out-gay-people-to-beat-them-up guy or the (maybe)-rape-a-vulnerable-woman guy. This punk is both? Ptui.

~Macarena~ said...

Yesterday I read a passage from Bastard Out of Carolina that reminded me of the way the rapists were treated, especially their being referred to as "boys." It starts in the next-to-last paragraph, with the sentence beginning "My aunts..."

Note that the project was done at Georgetown University.

Sly Civilian said...

"A bitch was grooving to some Simon and Garfunkel on my way back from lunch today."

Feeling groovy is in fact the appropriate response to their right on with that.

Anonymous said...

Dear ABB. I am a long time reader, and I'd be very interested in your current perspective on the Duke Lacrosse Rape case. A lot of things have changed since your last post on the subject. As a woman, I feel that this case has materially damaged women's rights - setting the movement back significantly. I would appreciate your insight.