Thursday, April 06, 2006

More on Duke...

A bitch woke up, grabbed my cup of coffee and was immediately pissed off beyond all reason by the opening segment of the Today Show. Ms. Short Timer, Katie Couric, led in with an announcement about the disclosure of a certain email sent by a Duke Lacrosse player and how it may impact the current rape investigation…and she added that it ‘may have been a joke’ to her brief announcement.

For the record, the text of the email as reported by the Herald-Sun is…
"To whom it may concern
"tommrow night, after tonights show, ive decided to
have some strippers over to edens 2c. all are welcome.. however there will
be no nudity. I plan on killing the bitches as soon as the walk in and proceding to
cut their skin off ... " He then described in graphic terms achieving orgasm.
(Herald-Sun) By Rocky Rosen and John Stevenson: The Herald-Sun Apr 6, 2006: 12:06 am ET

So, ‘may have been a joke’ and ‘I plan on killing the bitches as soon as they walk in’ should be digested together here. Go ahead and give it a try! How about…'may have been a joke’ and ‘proceeding to cut their skin off’? Did that work up any giggles for you?

Me neither.

No fucking way that was a joke.

A bitch is disgusted with the approach major news organizations are taking with this story. There seems to be an epidemic of affluent straight white ‘boy’ absolution going on…from multiple arsons being reports as ‘a prank that got out of control’ and now to this…this blatantly unstable email…this horrific example of the illness behind violent assault…this shit is being called a joke.

Lawd, give me strength!

To address the notion that this e-mail, which was allegedly sent shortly after the rape was reported to police, somehow exonerates these men or corroborates their claims of innocence…well, a bitch thinks it just as easily validates the accusation that these men were caught up in a wilding.

For example, for this bitch the email reeks of aggression and malice…he had gotten a taste for violent physical action and this could just as easily be interpreted as having captured the mindset of the men who were in that house attacking and verbally assaulting women.

A bitch recalls the national debate over the Central Park Jogger case. A woman, who came forward recently, was horrifically assaulted, raped and beaten in Central Park. She barely survived and had no memory of the incident. Several black teens were picked up, mostly because they had been in the park and were thought to have robbed, assaulted and/or harassed several people. They were interrogated and confessions were gathered…and then the press when on auto-pilot. The teens became ‘young men’ and their previous and uncharged actions the night of the incident became a pattern of aggressive and out of control behavior which backed up the theory that they were in frenzy and were caught up in a mob mentality when they committed the rape.

When it was later discovered that DNA evidence linked another man to the rape…well, few were eager to examine the fact that the victim…the survivor was not served by an investigation fueled by the press rather than justice. Nor did many want to tackle the issue of wrongful convictions, forced confessions and how to make sure this never happens again.

How quickly we forget the ease with which the press can connect alleged behavior with one population and yet they can’t seem to find the common thread with this population. Here we are in 2006 witnessing the collective inability of the press to get riled up and disgusted by this shit at Duke...because it is Duke.

The email does not exonerate any one…no one. Rather, it stands as yet another indictment.

Why is the press so cautious? Why so desperate to maintain journalistic ethics now?

Why not do an in-depth report on the recent rise in violent crimes among privileged straight white college men? Examine their families…could it be that there is a connection between rich people divorce and this shit?

Shit, this bitch has lost count of the number of social indictments issued by the mainstream media against single black mothers because of the alleged connection between a black woman raising her chil’ren and all things bad and black.

But to return to the email in question and the notion that it was a joke…

Is anyone laughing?


Kelley said...

First up, let me say: I love you, your blog, and the United Church of Bitchitude and Latter Day Drunks.

Second if you haven't already, get yourself on over to Feministing, where they've posted a critique of an article written by colossal asshole, David Yeagley. It will sicken and disgust you. Seems right-wing, sexist, racist nutjobs are already carrying out their plant to discredit the victim in the media, and thereby raise doubts in the minds of potential jurors. (I'd post the link but I'm too technologically challenged to know how).

Damn, I need a drink already!

Anonymous said...

I think it's the insider-outsider effect to some degree. The so-called mainstream press is run by and staffed by alumni of schools like Duke. To think that people like themselves could act like that is abhorant, so of course, it must be an anomoly. The press didn't identify with those black boys in the park. (And they were mostly boys 14 & 15 if I recall correctly.) So they easily filled that incident with their perceptions of young black men as crazed sexual aggressors out to get white women, a very old American race relations sub-text. This incident has them struggling with their assumption that preppies going to Duke don't behave that way.

Ms. Couric went to UVA, lives in Manhattan and makes millions of dollars. I'm sure that on some level she identifies with the Lax team.

And let's not forget that there's a "she had it coming" sub-text here as well. She was there stripping. To some out in the world, one step up from walking the streets. We all know women who worked their way through college hustling voyeuristic men. And we all know people who judge them for stripping but stand mute while financing a college education at someplace like Duke becomes harder and harder for the middle class, regardless of race.

Nice post. Sistahs, Take Back the Night. And, if you gotta strip at parties to pay your tuition, take a big brotha named Tiny to watch your back.


fahren said...

and the antichrist, er rush, has chimed in calling her a ho. he must be a duke graduate.

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

The shit for news and infotainment instead of journalism disgusts and depresses me. I immeditately thought about the ridiculous repetition about the arsons in Alabama being "a prank" and the Oklahoma University student who attempted to board a plane with a "glorified firecracker".

Of course, you realize the manufactured story broadcast repeatedly to drown out the Duke rape and DeLay crimes will be about a crazy black woman in Congress.

Depressed and Disgusted in St. Louis.

Ginger said...

This bitch (who has a very healthy sense of humor) is definitely not laughing...because the email isn't funny. The end.

Abby said...

read the complaint, search warrant, and email at


Txfeminist said...

The email is so not funny I was frothing at the mouth when I read it.

So often people prefer what's congenial to believe, to what's actually true.

It's very scary.

cynthia said...

This stuff is crazy...

Anonymous said...

That email is utterly disturbing. And thanks to all the learning I get from coming here and reading you every day, I have been correcting people who say some lame ass shit about "boys" who are 18 or over.

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

ABB, WORD as usual. I got into a frothing at the mouth screaming match - if you can scream via the keyboard - at DKos last night with a couple of guys who a, said exactly, well it was probably a joke, and b, were oh so cautious about not rushing to judgment before the DNA tests come back, etc. etc. I just lost my shit, really - I am SO fucking tired of men on the one hand being so "cautious" about whether a crime even occurred and on the other immediately accepting any old shit about this woman they've read ("oh, she's a thief, oh, she ran over a cop", etc) that would discredit her or tarnish her reputation. My outrage meter is getting up to Katrina levels.

Thank you for writing this, it really made me feel like I was not, in fact, insane.


Mac Diva said...

The defense lawyer is trying to engage in damage control. However, prosecutors will spin the same email quite differently. The correspondent referred to the night's events as a 'show.' That suggests he saw nothing wrong with the events; thought they were entertaining. Furthermore, as others have said, the email oozes misogyny. But, to me at least, the fellow's admission thqt he is turned on by the thought of flaying and killing women is what matters most. It goes to state of mind of at least one team member within an hour of the alleged rape.

Actually, I am getting quite a kick out of the black lawyer one of the lacrosse players hired. He is really working hard for the money.

Katchen said...

This gal thinks it may be hard to laugh at anything for a little while.

That anyone can seem to justify this to themselves, because 'she's a stripper', 'she was asking for it' is horrendous.

That the popular media seems to judge the severity of these incidents based on the colour of assailant(s) or victim, or finds it acceptible to imply that the severity of this incident is somehow modified by the comparative 'worth' to society of educated white 'boys' versus black stripper, adds insult to the victims injurys. I can only applaud her courage in reporting the incident and sincerely hope she finds a way to recover from this, and from the media followup.

amelia said...

thanks for writing this. one of my biggest frustrations with the mainstream media's coverage is their refusal to cite to the email in full. i CAN'T BELIEVE that they are willing to quote the violent language and not the overtly sexual stuff. that sort of move seems only to obscure the connection between violence and 'sex' in this guy's mind -- not to mention the fact that there was something particularly titillating about his 'duke-issue spandex.'


G Bitch said...

Here's another bitch ain't laughing....

--Why so desperate to maintain journalistic ethics now?--

What ethics? The same outlets that wink at impeachable offenses by the Bush Administration, that run canned publicity pieces as 'news,' that ignore South Dakota and what is not happening in New Orleans to report on dog collars, Katie Couric's latest fart and Katie Holmes' new adult-sized pacifier--you expect them to be ethical?

I read it at The Smoking Gun, too. I was sick to my stomach. It damns these boys rather than exonerates them and it shows how blinded news outlets are by their 'sympathy' and paychecks that they can't tell when somethoing is BAD rather than good.

yeesh! is all i can say.

sybil said...

Unfuckingbelievable. No, all too believable. Women willing to call this a joke, a black lawyer ready to defend these slimeballs, no moral outrage or indignation that these fine upstanding young men exhibit our worst nightmares...that is, women's worst nightmares. This is our western democratic tradition at work. oh, I'm beyond rational thought.

Eric said...

I hope you are prepared to fully postal, ABB. I'm sure you're aware, by now, of the three boys who chased and killed an NYU student in Harlem. Victim was white, the three alleged killers were black (I might be wrong in thinking one was latino).
Anyway, the press is already ALL OVER their pattern of harrassment and how they were choosing a victim.
But you're right. These boys probably ARE guilty of that but not one iota less than the guilt of these lacrosse boys.

Anonymous said...

I know this is a late follow-up to your post, but I can tell you, as a citizen of Durham (who lives only two blocks from the LAX house) - even if the MSM is treating the victim in this crime abhorently - the local community IS NOT. There are daily meetings/vigils/protests - you name it....and we are a month past the date of the rape. The community has rallied behind the young woman....and, despite no DNA match...the DA in Durham says he has enough evidence that he will continue with the case - and he believes that it will go to a grand jury for indictment. No names (of pending charges) have been released.

Anonymous said...

Ms Couric has never reported the rape scandals at her alma mater, the prestigious University of Virginia. They have been the focus of Dateline and CBS Early Morning Show, but Ms Couric has seen to it that the exposure is minimal. Check out the facts at:

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how you feel now that the guys are NOT guilty of rape.