Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another note...

The DNA results of 46 out of 47 Duke Lacrosse players have come in…sort of. The results report no DNA link…sort of. The Herald-Sun is reporting that the results are not all-inclusive, that a second set is being analyzed by another lab and that those results will be reported some time next week. This DNA evidence report does not address the additional physical or circumstantial evidence in this case.

Now, this bitch will admit to being initially dismayed. My ass has been caught up in the CSI effect as much as the rest of America. No DNA or disputed DNA is problematic in any criminal case now that DNA has been accepted as the ultimate test.

And then this bitch took a phone cal from my former student who is a rape survivor.

She wanted to tell me that she has been following the case and has read my commentary as well. She was concerned that this new twist would somehow result in the victim being seen as another Tawana Brawley…that is would result in the instant judgment of her and of so many victims of rape who lack the ‘evidence’ to back up the accusation of rape.

My former student asked that a bitch post her concerns. She requested that this bitch relate to all of you that the victim has not retracted her accusations, the District Attorney has stated that he is ‘convinced that there was a rape’ and that the current reports in the media do not state that no DNA was found…only that the DNA evidence tested did not match the 46 players tested.

She also wanted me to share more of her story…that she was raped and threatened and did not report her crime. That she regrets that to this day, because her own family doubts her story and she feels forever branded as a slut rather than the victim she is. The fact that a child resulted from her assault does nothing to ‘back up’ her claim.

She wishes she had gone to the hospital…she wishes that the evidence had been collected…because she wishes she could prove something to the very people who should have believed her at her word. And she knows that she still would not have been taken at her word...not even by her family...if that evidence had not been conclusive.

The accusation of rape is still seen as a vengeful woman's tool instead of truth.

A bitch will continue to cover this story…the additional incidents that have yet to be explored in-depth…and the on-going investigation into the incident within the house that night.

And yes, this bitch will report the good, the bad and the ugly.

A bitch will always stand with the victims…the chil’ren, women and men who are the victims of rape… the silent and the vocal individuals who make up one of the ugliest statistics in America and one of the hardest crimes to prosecute.

Again…we shall see.

And to my former student...you amaze me and this bitch believes you and believes in you.


birdnesthead said...

Ms. ABB, your post brought tears to my eyes. There are so many victims of rape, incest and abuse. It's too bad that after the trauma of their experience, society only adds to their grief. It takes a brave soul to keep moving forward. So let's keep moving.

AOB said...

My youngest daughter was raped when she was 13 by a family member of a church friend. Her oldest Son Sean was born 9 months later. We always believed her story even though no charges were filed. He is a beautiful child now at 14. We decided to back her up and help her keep him ...are we ever glad we did....

Paula D. said...

I really hope that if the rape happened, those involved will be punished. Back in middle school a friend of mine was being raped by her stepdad everyday before he dropped her off at school.

She finally told me what was going. She begged me not to tell, but I told my moms friend who picked me up after school that day. She contacted the police immediately & my friend was put in counseling & the stepdad was put in jail. At first her mom thought she was lying, but then everything came out.

I just hope the truth comes out soon.

Sabre said...

To ABB's former student...

I believe you. I'm not your family, I'm not anyone you know. Just one lone woman many miles away who believes you and believes in your strength to carry on. You are not a slut, you are a survivor. When it gets hard to bear, remember that there are a lot of us out here who believe you and believe in you.

Homer said...

I caught the defense lawyers on the telly last night. Talk about slimey. The press needs to be very careful and not rush to immediate judgment.

Sly Civilian said...

it's times like this that i really think that the legal system is in real danger of doing more harm than good.

i saw something posted along the lines that just because a rape isn't prosecutable doesn't mean it didn't occur, and that it's a moral wrong.

ducking charges isn't exonoration...

Tiger Lilly said...

You know, I saw it coming. I knew when they refused to speak. There were other people in that house. And how was she supposed to know who was on the team and who wasn't? The fact that 1. they hired a grimey black lawyer as co counsel is a slap in the face. I am not fooled by that at all. The man could barely communicate this morning on the Today Show, 2. she lost several fingernails says SOMETHING happened. There was a struggle, and 3. these fools were accused of calling some girls walking by niggers lets you know something really foul was going down. Oh, why was the only black player on the team not at the party? Interesting.

I really need this to go the right way. For my own sanity and that of anyone else who has suffered the double indignity of being raped and racially humiliated.

air_force1 said...


I am sure I am going to get ripped apart but I just wanted to respond to tiger lilly. There is a possibility that these men stayed silent because that is what their legal council told them to do. There is a possibility that the "grimey black lawyer" that was hired was hired based on his merit not to be a slap in the face to anyone. The black man on the team was there as I understand it, he was not tested though becasue the woman assured the police her rapists were white men. Also, the accusation that females were called niggers may be just that. To say that you need this to go your way seems kind of selfish to me. But what do I know I am just a "privileged white male."

Katchen said...

There's a lot of people caught up in this, & to anyone who's ever been involved with a rape - as victim, friend/relative/partner of victim, and to anyone ever accused of rape or involved with someone accused - this is a really emotive case & one that it's very hard to be objective or dispassionate about.

Air_force1 - you are entitled to your views and entitled to express them; I just disagree with you in this case. The report of the name-calling was independently reported & seems a bit of a coincidence to just be an unsubstantiated accusation - but you are right, it's not been proven. What is pretty clear is that this is all being reported in a totally unbalanced way.

Snap judgements are being made on all sides, but the references by certain parties to the victim as a 'ho' and the implied assumption that gang rape, attempted murder, violent assault and robbery is ok if the victim is a hooker is staggeringly callous.

The way the people involved are being portrayed is pretty disturbing, that anyone could refer to *that* email as a joke is fucked-up, that people keep referring to this woman as a stripper or exotic dancer is also pretty screwed when you consider she's also a college student - she chose a hard and dangerous path to work her way through college, but I respect the choices she made, even if I may not have made the same ones - but I'm not in her situation & who the hell am I to judge her with no real knowledge of her life?

Equally, the alleged perpetrators may have had honourable motives all along, be completely innocent & be trying to preserve their futures against mistaken accusation - I don't think anyone’s actually suggesting this woman has not been raped, just that she's accused the wrong people? It's just that that doesn't sound plausible - even with media spin portraying them as 'boys' and the rest of it.

These guys were at that party - at least some of them, that seems pretty clear - and even if no team members carried out this assault, they know who did & aren't saying. I have no pity for them if they are innocent & have chosen to shelter the guilty with their silence.

To those who find this case has brought back terrible memories & resurrected feelings you hoped were dead & buried, I wish to send you all solidarity & love.
For all of us, I can only hope for the strength & support to heal each other and ourselves.

clarafiedwords said...

Dancer, Accuser